What is Carbon Black?

Carbon Black is one of the few ingredients in most eyelash extension adhesives on the market today. This ingredient is essentially a dye, which makes the adhesive Black/Dark grey in colour.

Carbon Black is added to adhesives to make the blending of the bonds of natural lashes and extensions less noticeable. The adhesive is black and therefor helps to camouflage natural lashes and extensions. Even though this is a really smart concept, some clients can be allergic to the Carbon Black itself. It can also be found in general cosmetic products such as Eyeliner, Eyeshadow as well as Mascara and therefore explains why some people are allergic to these products. Even though cosmetics are touching the skin and lash extensions are not, clients who are ultra-sensitive could still react to the Carbon Black.


Clients can be allergic to the following ingredients in adhesives:

♦  Formaldehyde
♦  Cyanoacrylates
♦  Latex
♦  Carbon Black

With some clients Carbon Black may be the culprit of lash extension problems, allergies, or sensitivities. Allergic reactions are rare occurrences but it happens to the best of us! Always ensure that you follow these steps to minimise the risk of allergies:

♦  Always work with a high quality, medical grade adhesive only.
♦  Do not use alcohol based products (such as the primer) on ultra-sensitive clients.
♦  Give your client a face mask to wear during the procedure.
♦  Use an ultra-thin eyepad that has only a little amount of gel.
♦  Place the extension 0.5-1mm away from the lid, no extensions should be touching the skin.
♦  Store your adhesive properly to ensure it stays fresh.


Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesives does not contain any Carbon Black!
There are however pro’s and con’s to working with a clear adhesive. The bond will be clear and not black. With Blonde or lighter hair clients the extension bonds may be more noticeable but it is still a small price to pay to have gorgeous eyelash extensions.
It might be more difficult to determine the amount of adhesive on an extension since it is clear and not black.
Clear is ideal to use with coloured lashes to eliminate the black/grey colour at the bases.

We recommend keeping both the Black & Clear adhesive on hand to ensure that you are prepared for those ultra-sensitive clients!

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