FeaturedLet me vouch for all you wonderful ladies out there. Do you remember holding back the tears as they applied the gel remover to remove your extensions?

And while I am at it, let me shed a bit of empathy to all the lash artists that had to repeatedly block their ears as their clients randomly blurted out the F-word when the gel remover ran into their eyes.

Let me share a nice little tip with all of you. Cream remover… That’s it!  All you lash artists, throw your earplugs in the dustbin! To all you wonderful clients, grab yourself a cuppaccino, because this is going to be the best experience that your eyes will have before your extensions will hit the bench allowing the new set to take their place.

The cream removal process is quite simple and entirely painless! Have your client lie down, apply the cream remover from the top and the bottom and wait ten minutes. Your client can open her eyes during the procedure. She can even sit up and enjoy her cuppaccino while its still hot. After 10 minutes, simply remove the extensions with a tweezer. Be careful not to pull them out if they are still attached. Repeat if necessary .

Step-by-step Tutorial: (Click on image)







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