Lashing the left eye can often be very difficult and frustrating as a right-handed lash artist. Instead of planning on how you are going to remove your client’s nose, rather make use of these helpful tips:

  • Use micro foam tape to lift the inner eyelid in order to expose those lashes better
  • Change the angle of your entire body to reach easier.
  • Turn your client’s head to the right side, that way her nose won’t be in the way too much.
  • Try not to stretch too much to reach the left eye, rather have your client move up a bit.
  • Pull the inner corner up with your finger and apply the extensions. You do not need to isolate at all as the lashes are stretched open enough and will not stick together.
  • Always start working on your weakest eye.
  • Place a tissue on your client’s forehead so that your hand doesn’t touch her skin.
  • Last but not least, never put strain on your body as this can result in long term health issues.

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