older modelThese are our favourite clients, they are like mothers to us. Whenever they walk out the door it feels as if you have just undergone a psychological treatment. It feels like you should be the one paying her right? Well here is something you can do for her: Treat her with extra special care. At this age there are so many changes taking place in a 50+ year old women’s body, such as menopause. One very important thing that changes is her hair, and this includes eyelashes. As a professional lash artist it is your responsibility to take extra care not to harm her lashes or cause any damage during the application as this may lead to temporary damage.

Be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Choose your type of lashes very carefully, the best choice in diameter would be 0.10 and 0.07. Be careful not to overload the lash line!

Using 0.07 lashes will create a very natural look providing that you only use 3-4 lashes in one fan.

Using 0.10 lashes will achieve a more dramatic effect without causing any harm to the natural lashes. Stick to the single and 2D eyelash techniques.

  1. Always ensure that you have Micropore tape close by. Aged eyelids often tend to sag a little and can make the application very difficult for you. Sometimes the skin sags a millimetre or two over the lash line when they eye is closed and we rarely notice it until we lift / stretch the lid. This can cause a 1 – 2mm gap between your extensions and the eyelid which will look very unprofessional and ‘grown out’. Tape the lids up carefully and not too much as the fumes of the adhesive might start to irritate the eyes.
  2. Ask your client to lay as close to you as possible and with her chin up. This will help to make the base of the lashes much more visible and you will not have to lean over her. This can put a lot of strain on your back.
  3. Try something different. Instead of using ordinary black lashes, rather opt for light or dark brown lashes. This will result in a much more natural look which older clients prefer. They do not want to be stopped in the streets and hear “Are you wearing false eyelashes?” Brown lashes is definitely the way to go!
  4. Always use a Lint free / Gel / Hydrogel eyepad on these clients. You should actually always be using these but please do not ever use micropore or transpore tape to cover the lower lashes. The eyelid skin of aged women is very thin, fragile and already has fine wrinkles. Further stretching to the skin may result in visible consequences.

Always double check that there are no lashes stuck together after the application and ensure that your client is using a nutritional eyelash coating sealer on a regular basis. Always take extra special care of your lovely older clients/mothers. xxx




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