How to apply a Lint free eyepad correctly:

It may seem like the easiest step of the eyelash application procedure, but if applied incorrectly an eyepad can cause severe discomfort or irritation to your client original viagra. And we all know that when the eye is irritated, a reaction follows. In this case the eye will water, making it more difficult for you to apply the extensions. It will also waste time when you have to dry the eye every few minutes. Rather apply the eyepad correctly to ensure an easier eyelash application.

The most common mistake is pulling the bottom eyelid down with your finger. Avoid this step because when your client closes her eye, the skin shrinks and the shape of her eye changes. Therefore causing the eyepad to cut into the eyeball.

When you apply the eyepad the most important step is to move with the eye. Hold the eyepad underneath the top lashes and place it down as the client closes her eye. No adjustments will then be necessary. Double check that all the bottom lashes are covered and that the eyepad is not touching the eyeball.

Oh and before you throw the foil packaging away, rather use it to dispense your adhesive onto. The adhesive will stay fresh on the foil and you can dispose of it after the application.

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                                           How to Apply a Lint Free Eyepad Correctly



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