Ever since eyelash extensions became popular the standards and requirements have changed extremely.
A few things that influence the perfect extension: The extension on the left and right eye should be asymmetrical, the shape, volume and lengths should be the same. The upper line should be smooth without any steps or zig-zagging. The direction of the extensions is very important and they should all be parallel to each other otherwise the extensions will appear criss-crossed. Choosing the correct styling for each client is very important. The styling can hide the negative features of the face and can correct the eye shape. You can correct the descending eyes or make the eyes appear more round etc. Styling is a very big part of the extensions and the standards of it.
The most commonly used Style is ‘Natural’.
This styling is used very often because it is universal and therefor suits most eye shapes. The advantage of this styling is that it helps to open the eyes and make the outer corners appear lighter. It is a very good Style for wide set eyes and it also suits clients who have descending or ascending eye shapes. When the outer corner is lower than the inner or vice versa. This effect emphasizes the central part of the eye and does not put extreme focus on the outer corner. It also helps to hide the volumous part of the eyelid.
How to create the Style:
Before making any style scheme, we have to divide the eye into 3 sections:
Inner section
Central middle
Outer section
The longest length we use for this styling is in the outer section, 1 third from the outer corner. The most crucial aspect for the perfect Styling is the inner corner. It is very important to copy the length of the natural lashes, and not longer. You have to remember that this is also the case for the outer corner. The inner corner is the biggest section and the outer is roughly 5-10 lashes according to the eye shape and size.
You have to remember that the modelling or Styling is very important for eyelash extensions and the ‘Natural Style’ is only one of the main styles. Lately Volume lashes has become very popular. Many lashers think that they only have to know how to master the technique and they do not have to pay attention to Styling. They think the secret is only based on picking up and fanning. You have to remember of course that the picking up technique and making the fluffy fan is very important, but without Styling your work will never look flawless and truly beautiful.

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