As we read through this article, one word stands bold… Prejudice.

Journalist, Suthentira Govender, published this article which is based on unreliable, unpublished sources, making sure that all significant minority views have appeared in these sources.

You rant how woman perceive such celebrities as role models, yet every featured image in this publication consists of celebrities wearing strip lashes. Had you done your homework prior to publishing this article, you would have been able to visually separate the difference between eyelash extensions and strip lashes.

South Africa is still under the radar in terms of Eyelash Extension Application. However, the industry is rapidly rising and is a significant sector in the South African market. Yes, there is a countless number of ‘therapists’ and ‘trainers’ who saw the opportunity to make money from Eyelash Extensions, and simply put this treatment on their salon menu. Even more so, they saw the potential in Eyelash Extension Training, so they decided to depict their own version of it. Truth be told, this is where the danger lies. Vogue Lashes by Adele Sutton is fully aware of such amateurs and we have even posted a blog “Blind leading the blind in the Eyelash Industry of South Africa” to make the public aware of these training providers and their products. But attacking the entire Eyelash Industry of South Africa is absurd.

Our Master Trainer for Vogue Lashes has been through so much training that she may be fit to join the Marines. She went as far as getting her Master Training Certificate done at the Lash Art University in Ukraine under the guided eye of Olga Volkova, who is idolized as a god in the Eyelash Industry. We even went so far as getting our training courses internationally accredited, as accreditation from a South African institute would actually be an insult to us due to unregulated practices in the industry.
We train countless Eyelash technicians / therapists every year, and not ONCE have we had an incident where one of their clients have had to seek medical attention due to improper application of the eyelash extensions. You mention that clients suffer to the extent that they have a permanent loss of the natural eyelash. The word that describes such a condition is Milphosis, and once again had you done your homework, you would know that Milphosis is the loss of eyelashes caused from a variety of skin diseases, drug side effects, endocrine disorder, traumatic insults and systemic disease.

Now let me inform you on what is really happening. Govender has raised the issue about poorly applied eyelash extensions as a result of poorly un-trained ‘therapists’.
Eyelash extensions applied from a trained and experienced therapist will not cause damage to the natural eyelashes. The eyelashes will grow out with the extension and when the natural eyelash sheds, a new eyelash will grow in. Eyelashes naturally shed with or without eyelash extensions, it is just more noticeable when an extension has been attached.

All reputable eyelash brands do not sell adhesives containing formaldehyde. All eyelash extension products have to comply with safety laws in the countries that are sold and deemed safe. We can provide a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each product used for the application- even the under eye pad.

Eyelash extension technicians / therapists should be trained from a recognized provider, they should purchase from the brand that they trained with or another known brand to ensure safe and quality products.

Consumers should ideally look for a referral from someone they know. They should look on the salon / therapists website to see samples of their work and should not be afraid to ask where and when their therapist trained.

The eyelash extension industry is just like any other industry. You wouldn’t entrust your new Ferrari with a garage you randomly came across. Ask around, look at web ratings, evidence of training and which brand is being used.

Media is the perfect source of negative propaganda. The fact is that eyelash extensions are a safe and time tested treatment and are here to stay. Whether your uninformed sources like it or not!


Kind Regards

The Vogue Lashes by Adele Sutton Team


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