Blind Leading The BlindI had the pleasure of training a lovely therapist at a gorgeous salon in Gauteng. She was very friendly, enthusiastic and excited to learn the latest Volume Lash Techniques.

Little did I know that she had already done a “crash” course (excuse the pun) at a very well known beauty college. You would think that a 1 week course with this college would offer a very informative and innovative program for single lashes, taking into consideration my emphasis on ONE WEEK. Usually a lash extension course is between 1-3 days. Our Advanced Volume Course is 1 day’s training and the Single Lash Application / Beginner Eyelash Training is 2 days.

As a result from this “awesome” training from this much loved college, my student had NO idea that there were different curls and diameters for lashes. Her “adhesive” took months to dry and when she moved onto the next lash, the previous one would simply fall like the Wall of Berlin. She didn’t even receive one eye pad during the training. Tape was used for the lower lashes, which the clients found very uncomfortable. Clients had to come in every 2 weeks for a touch up thanks to her Berlin Glue.

Frustrated as she was, her passion drove her to continue lashing with her “college kit” as she thought that this was the standard. This REALLY angers me! And by anger, I actually mean this drives me INSANE! I have sleepless nights thinking of all the lash artists out there that have such a passion for what they do, yet they are succumbed into believing that the “horrible” training they have received sums up to the best training and products in their mind. THEY DESERVE BETTER!!!
I don’t mind travelling 2 hours there and 2 hours back just to train 1 student. If the student receives awesome and proper training in order to apply flawless lashes for each and every client, I will then be able to sleep like a baby.

Needless to say that the student was very chuffed after I had opened her eyes and shown her what real Eyelash Education is all about.

I had a good chuckle yesterday. After exploding like a volcano with anger, I decided to Google Search all the “colleges” and “training providers” for Eyelash Training. I called one of the companies (who I will refer to as Project X), asking the lady with the deep voice to explain to me what their Advanced Eyelash Training entails. Trying to act as dumb as I could, I asked her what is the difference between Basic Training and Advanced Training. Well, her answer was simply this. “Advanced Training is Training with loose lashes, cluster lashes and a ‘stripe lash’ ” like the one you paint on Zebras with (Yes, I am pretty sure she meant STRIP LASH). This just goes to show how some of these people are just jumping onto the band wagon so that they can eventually ride on the gravy train. What they really need to be doing, is flushing all their “Stripes” and Eyelash Products down the toilet and pursue a different line of work.

Out with the old and in with the new. It is time that all you Lash Enthusiasts start seeing the South African Eyelash Industry for what it really is.


Is 13mm really 13mm???



PicMonkey Collage



It gets even better… Watch the video!




High Quality Eyelash Products are essential when applying Lash Extensions. Make sure you only settle for the best. You deserve it as well as your clients!

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